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An "Official" Decision

posted Apr 21, 2013, 12:46 PM by Jack Bandy
Four score months and seven years days ago, I received my rejection letter from Stanford. Put simply, I had put all my eggs in one basket. I handled my college search process pretty arrogantly, and I had only visited three schools by the time I found out I couldn't go to Stanford. Even though I could rationalize and convince myself it wasn't something to be disappointed about, it was pretty tough. But, I'll move on before my tears cause water damage to my keyboard... I'd give you a link to my rant, but I have a grand total of two three blog posts on here so you can just scroll down.

I had about one month to develop and execute plan B, and I completed applications to three schools: UK, Wheaton, and Case Western (because I needed acceptance into at least one selective school, just as a morale boost). I also applied for an Army ROTC scholarship at Wheaton.

UK accepted me, as did the honors program, and I had a full ride available through the Patterson Scholarship.

Wheaton accepted me, and I was offered the full-tuition ROTC Scholarship, as well as enough merit scholarships to cover room and board. Another full ride (with strings attached: four years of active service after graduation).

Case Western, the school I wanted acceptance from as a morale boost, wait-listed me.

So I had two really good options. I chose Wheaton. There you have it. I'll be accepting the full-tuition Army ROTC scholarship and $8500 of merit scholarships, I'm going to double major in Computer Science and something else I haven't decided on yet.