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Week 1 Update

posted Mar 11, 2013, 5:38 PM by Jack Bandy   [ updated Mar 13, 2013, 2:57 PM ]
All of the week 1 match-ups have taken place, below are the results by team.

Old School

(Pre-Season Ranking: 1st)

Playing up to the pre-season hype, Old School defeated a Goon Squad who was missing Chase Fain, 41-21. Coach Price led the team with 17 points, and Coach Thompson added 13 points of his own. Despite the team's convincing win, Old School demonstrated a vulnerability as almost 75% of the team's points came from just 33% of the roster.


(Pre-Season Ranking: 2nd)

Hufflepuff's balanced attack led them to a 35-28 victory over D-League. Hufflepuff was the only team with all players to score, led by Devin Taylor's 10-point performance. Cody Jasper pulled down a league-record 8 rebounds, and Carter Hahn was the first intramural player to attempt a *put-back* dunk. Hufflepuff's size advantage led to 25 rebounds, compared to the opponent's 15.

The Goon Squad

(Pre-Season Ranking: 3rd)

The Goon Squad put up only 21 points against Old School's "old school" defense, led by Tanner Richards' 9-point performance. Only three of the squad's players scored, and Chase Fain missed the season opener. Seth Bol knocked down two 3-point buckets and Cameron McNeely had a league-record five turnovers.

Salt & Pepper

(Pre-Season Ranking: 4th)

Salt & Pepper defeated the Fireflies 52-39 in their season-opener on Wednesday. Grant Wells led the team with 23 points, shattering the league record. Carson Daniel, Jack Bandy, and Grant Wells combined for 48 of the the team's 52 and Te Gatobu pulled down a new league record of 16 rebounds. Logan Dailey made the league's first official hook shot.


(Pre-Season Ranking: 5th)

D-League suffered a 35-28 loss to Hufflepuff, despite Ian Kossick's 13-point performance and Parker Lewis' 7 rebounds. Hunter Knuckles unexpectedly went scoreless in the season opener, but the D-League shows promise as Robby Irgang will return for their next match-up.


(Pre-Season Ranking: 6th)

Despite a 21-point effort from Cameron Seater, the Fireflies fell to 4th-ranked Salt & Pepper, 52-39. Wells Ducas added 9 points and 10 rebounds, and Reese Kemp had seven points of his own. The Fireflies hope to return with full power next week as Seth Hampton was missing from the lineup for their first match-up.

The Grass Fairies

(Pre-Season Ranking: 7th)

Justin Sanders (11 points, 6 rebounds) and Derrick Little (10 points) led the Grass Fairies to a 32-25 victoryover the The Dream Team. The opponent had Little answer when Derrick Little started lighting up from behind the arch, and four of the Fairies' five players made the box score.

Dream Team

(Pre-Season Ranking: 8th)

Reshawn Jackson's 21 points weren't enough for the to overcome the Grass Fairies, and the Dream Team fell 32-25. That's right, 21 of the team's 25 points came from Jackson. Noah Hayden set the league record for longest basket, with bank shot from the half-court vicinity. Josh Preston made a free throw. Isaac Horne had a rebound.