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Week 4 Update

posted Apr 8, 2013, 2:07 PM by Jack Bandy

(1) Old School: 65

(4) Salt & Pepper: 35

Improving to 4-0, Old School dominated nearly every aspect of the game against Gatobu-less Salt & Pepper. Jason Price iced a 3-point basket in the closing seconds, rubbing salt in the wound of Salt & Pepper's 2nd loss of the season. With four wins, Old School now looks to D-League, Dream Team, and the Fireflies with hopes to finish a perfect regular season.

(2) Grass Fairies: 44

(6) D-League: 42

With 11 seconds remaining, Siah Holifield enchanted the basketball to make a 2-point bucket that would hold down the lead for the remainder of the game. Robby Irgang threw in four baskets from behind the 3-point arch in his effort to bring the D-League to an even record, but his team fell to 1-3 on the season. The Grass Fairies magically improve to 3-1, with their only loss to first-ranked Old School.

(5) Hufflepuff vs. (7) Dream Team

"Lob City boi" -Carter Hahn (Hufflepuff)

(8) Fireflies vs. (3) Goon Squad

For this match-up, the league has instituted a 40-point mercy rule. The Fireflies will return with a fresh roster as several team members have incurred season-ending circumstances.