Glad you asked! I built this site with privacy in mind.

šŸ” My commitments:

  • No tracking cookies, ever
  • No advertisements, ever
  • No monetization, ever
  • Minimal data collection (via clicky)
  • Minimal third-party integrations

In general, I designed this website to be very lightweight and collect as little information about visitors as possible. It runs on Ghost, an open-source tool that does not use any tracking cookies. I'm still tweaking things to improve its scores in Lighthouse (76/100 as of May 2022) and the Mozilla observatory.

Currently, the site does collect basic analytics (like device type, country, and page hits) via clicky, which is imperfect but GDPR-compliant. I'm still looking into better options, inspired by The Markup's privacy policy.

Questions or suggestions? I would love to hear them, so please contact me!